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Welcome to hackint!

hackint is a communication network for the hacker community, but anyone is welcome to use the network. Hackint is fully ircv3.1 compatible.
We have a new policy on anonymous access.
Feb 2nd 2015: Access from i2p is no longer possible. This is due to the resource hungry i2p software, compared to other parts of the irc ecosystem, as well as due to very low usage (avg 1-2 users max). We're sorry for this and hope to remedy the situation in the future; at present, however, due to resource shortage this step has become necessary.
Read about using the network.



General Round Robin: irc://irc.hackint.org SSL: irc://irc.hackint.org:9999
From within dn42.net / chaosvpn only: irc://irc.hackint.hack SSL: irc://irc.hackint.hack:9999
Using Tor with SASL: SSL only SSL: irc://nakufgztylanf4mw.onion:6697
Using Tor without SASL: SSL only SSL: irc://5ogdsfyoqk47ompu.onion:6697
Using jabber Join a groupchat, enter #channelname as the room name, server is irc.hackint.org

Frequently asked questions

In case a question arises, please consult our FAQ.


Join #hackint for support.


Hackint offers ChanServ, NickServ and GroupServ, along with some custom services. All official hackint services can be recognized by the hostmask services.hackint.org.

The following custom services are available:


Server List

If you are connecting from the internet, not using Tor or i2p, please use our DNS round robin domain. We encourage you to use TLS when connecting to the hackint irc network. Please use port 9999 for this. Strange certificates may be presented on other SSL ports.

Current SSL Root Certificate

All server's client connection certificates are currently signed by hackint-cacert.pem (the CA cert gpg signed by rdnzl, angelos (more signatures to follow))

Establishing a secure connection

To verify the authenticity of the server you connect to, download hackint-cacert.pem and connect to the hackint irc network using a command like this:

/server -ssl -ssl_verify -ssl_cafile /PATH/TO/hackint-cacert.pem irc.hackint.org 9999

Note: New PKI / New SSL Root Certificate

We are replacing hackint's current PKI in the near future, to meet recent security requirements. All users are encouraged to connect to the hackint irc network using TLS on port 9999.

As soon as the new PKI is in place, all irc server's client connection certificates on TCP port 9999 will be using 4096bit RSA keys and will be exclusively signed by the Hack.INT IRC Network IRCd Server-Authentication Sub CA, using SHA256 message digest and 4096bit DSA signature keys. The Hack.INT IRC Network IRCd Server-Authentication Sub CA itself is signed by the Hack.INT IRC Network Root CA, which is the only CA you should trust when connecting to the hackint irc network.

The Hack.INT IRC Network Root CA certificate has been GPG signed by most of the irc server administrators. You can get a combined signature file for checking all signatures at once here, or use the individual signatures: bios.asc, bspar.asc, major.asc, progamler.asc, undermink.asc, zakx.asc. To verify the authenticity of the Hack.INT IRC Network Root CA, download the signature files and use a command like this:

gpg --verify combined.asc hackintRootCA.crt


Check out our webchat at webirc.hckint.org.