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Jan 1 2016

After finalising our upgrade of the GroupServ interface, we now would like to announce the availability of custom group-based virtual hosts. Currently, this is an offer for hackerspaces, Freifunk communities, and FOSS projects only - other applications may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

If you are a group founder (flag +F), you can join the #hackint channel and request your vhost. Members of the group need the +v flag to have the custom virtual host offered through HostServ.

Happy New Year!

Aug 18 2015

We're now providing a https-enabled webchat interface!

Jul 9 2015

We replaced our Certificate Authority to support contemporary security standards. Please take the time to properly verify the new root certificate before using it.

Feb 2 2015

Access from i2p is no longer possible. This is due to the resource hungry i2p software, compared to other parts of the IRC ecosystem, as well as due to very low usage, averaging only about five users. We're sorry for this and hope to remedy the situation in the future; at present, however, due to resource shortage this step has become necessary.

Jan 31 2015

We have a new policy on anonymous access. Registration for anonymous users has been limited.