Round-Robin record sets

Region Adress
Global ircs://
Europe ircs://
- Germany ircs://
- Netherlands ircs://

We would like to encourage you to authenticate via SASL methods PLAIN (easy) or EXTERNAL (moderately difficult).



We are running a Jabber to IRC bridge that enables the use of IRC Channels as Jabber MUCs. For a good mobile experience configure your XMPP-Server to support Stream Management and Message Archiving.

Just join our MUCs (Groupchat) with the name

Read up on how to effectively use the bridge with extended features like persistence and message archiving in the official documentation.

From DN42

Requirements Addresss Participation ircs://irc.hackint.dn42:6697

The DN42 entrypoint uses a certificate signed by their own CA. Using this certificate requires a client that supports Server Name Indication (SNI).

Connection should also be possible from within chaosvpn and Freifunks Intercity-VPN, provided you don't filter DN42 address space.

From Tor

Onion Version Requirements Address
v3 SASL irc://dtlbunzs5b7s5sl775quwezleyeplxzicdoh3cnhm7feolxmkfd42nqd.onion:6667
v2 SASL irc://nakufgztylanf4mw.onion:6667
v3 none irc://ncwkrwxpq2ikcngxq3dy2xctuheniggtqeibvgofixpzvrwpa77tozqd.onion:6667
v2 none irc://5ogdsfyoqk47ompu.onion:6667

The TLS port for all onion services will be deactivated after 2018/11/21, use the plaintext port instead.

We provide access via the Tor networks Onion services. As Tor already provides an encrypted transport and getting a certificate for a .onion domain is stupidly expensive we only provide plaintext connections on port 6667. This should not harm the confidentiality of your connection.


From Matrix


Matrix Bridging is due to be deprecated after 2018/12/31

We are running a Matrix IRC bridge that enables Matrix users to have a transparent IRC connection and join IRC channels.

Simply join from your Matrix client.