Description Plain TLS (recommended)
Round Robin: irc:// ircs://
From within / chaosvpn irc://irc.hackint.dn42 ircs://irc.hackint.dn42:6697
irc://irc.hackint.hack ircs://irc.hackint.hack:6697
Tor (SASL) n/a ircs://nakufgztylanf4mw.onion:6697
Tor (SASL) v3 n/a ircs://dtlbunzs5b7s5sl775quwezleyeplxzicdoh3cnhm7feolxmkfd42nqd.onion:6697
Tor n/a ircs://5ogdsfyoqk47ompu.onion:6697
Tor v3 n/a ircs://ncwkrwxpq2ikcngxq3dy2xctuheniggtqeibvgofixpzvrwpa77tozqd.onion:6697
Jabber/XMPP n/a


We offer two Tor hidden services (v2) to connect to hackint with. Both of them require End-to-End Encryption through TLS. More...

For testing purposes two additional Onion services (v3) have been set up, your feedback to us and the Tor project is very welcome.


We are running a jabber to IRC bridge that enables the use of IRC Channels as Jabber MUCs.

Just start a MUC (Groupchat) with


We are running a Matrix IRC bridge that enables Matrix users to have a transparent IRC connection and join IRC channels.

Simply join from your Matrix client.

Note: IRC connections through Matrix are currently not flagged as encrypted and therefore cannot join channels that have channel mode +S (SSL/TLS required) set.