Description Plain TLS (recommended)
Round Robin: irc:// ircs://
From within / chaosvpn irc://irc.hackint.dn42 ircs://irc.hackint.dn42:9999
irc://irc.hackint.hack ircs://irc.hackint.hack:9999
Tor (SASL) n/a ircs://nakufgztylanf4mw.onion:6697
Tor n/a ircs://5ogdsfyoqk47ompu.onion:6697
Jabber/XMPP n/a


We offer two Tor hidden services to connect to hackint with. Both of them require End-to-End Encryption throuh TLS. More...


We are running a jabber to IRC bridge that enables the use of IRC Channels as Jabber MUCs.

Just start a MUC (Groupchat) with


We are running a Matrix IRC bridge that enables Matrix users to have a transparent IRC connection and join IRC channels.

Simply join from your Matrix client.

Note: IRC connections through Matrix are currently not flagged as encrypted and therefore cannot join channels that have channel mode +S (SSL/TLS required) set.